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Summer Book Study Blog

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 10 SOL - "Oh, my achin' back!" What pains you?

My poor hubby and my poor mommy...both suffer from bad back pain.  My husband can barely walk tonight. The good thing is that our oldest son is a chiropractor, and he is really good. The bad thing is that he lives out west far, far away. Watching anyone deal with pain (physical, mental, emotional) is so hard. 

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My Pains

1. Daylight Savings Time
2. Loved ones suffering with physical pain.
3. My Daddy struggling to remember.
4. My youngest struggling daily to overcome.
5. Students coming to school less than clean, less than rested, less than prepared, less than protected.
6. Broken lives without hope.
7. Innocence stripped from children at way too early ages through TV, video games, and unsupervision.
8. Anyone without a friend.
9. Children and grandchildren that live far away.
10. Daylight Savings Time 

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What is your pain?


  1. My hip is making it so I can hardly move these past couple of days. But a few things that also cause me pain: Homeless Veterans, Kids without Food, People who aren't safe daily, and Daylight Savings time. Thanks for the time to reflect!

  2. Oh, my husband also has serious back pain and is going in for his second surgery soon. But your list, oh your list - yes, kids "coming less than clean, less than rested, less than prepared," that resonated for sure.

  3. The things on your list are very painful things to deal with. Also on mine I would say the death of a loved one, or people bullying others.