Summer Book Study Blog

Summer Book Study Blog

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 11 SOL - BFFs and Friends Furever

Tonight I am so excited to have a girls' night out with two of my dearest friends. We have been best friends for years and years, yet getting together gets harder and harder. We are all super busy with work, family, young grandkids, and aging parents. Every time we get together we promise it won't be so long next time, but it always is. We celebrate all three of birthdays in the fall (all summer birthdays) and Christmas in the spring. I often start out with a gift for wintertime then end of supplementing it with a spring thing. Last year it was a winter scarf and flip flops. It doesn't matter, does it? Precious friends are worth it and must be cherished no matter the time between visits.

We usually meet and eat and talk and talk and talk and laugh and laugh and laugh.
How do you spend time with your BFFs?
Here's to friends!
D :)

Enjoy the video that you've probably already seen. but it's so cute.


  1. I was supposed to meet my BFF for lunch in Manhattan yesterday, but a sinus headache derailed those efforts. We usually get together to eat, see art, but mostly to talk:)

  2. That sounds so fun! I just had a girls night...we have wine club once a month at someone's house. It has made us closer!

  3. I love dinners out or manicures with close friends. Anything that allows us to hang out and talk is wonderful!

    Have fun!