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Summer Book Study Blog

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day 18 SOL - A Prize in Every Box!

Sometimes the day has a surprise. Something unexpected in the midst of a stressful week. Our school district was chosen as a Google Summit Conference for the Google Educator. A small central Indiana school district is hosting a national conference by Google for educators. 

I was a technology/curriculum person in our district for 10 years after being in the classroom for 25 years. I was the "experienced" educator to bring technology to the masses so that the other "experienced" educators wouldn't think it was impossible to learn to use their new computers. "Old dog, new tricks" sort of thinking. This was right at the beginning of the technology explosion in our schools around the year 2000. 

It was a wonderful experience! I traveled to national conferences and brought back new skills and strategies for integrating technology into the curriculum. A university partnered with our district, and I was offered an adjunct professor position that I have truly loved, especially when the instruction became online and I could "teach" in my jammies in bed with my laptop. New friends all over the world! I had a cohort group in China. Best of educational experiences as we collaborated globally on cultures and educational philosophies. I learned so much. I still have a special Chinese teacher friend that checks in with me about life and students. Teachers are teachers wherever in the world we happen to land, more similarities than cultural or language differences. 

I am back in the classroom, these past four years, and in 4th grade. So happy to be back with children and a staff that works hard to meet students' needs and keep our school on the academic climb for excellence. We are an A school after years of not (an A school). 

The prize in the box at the end of the day is...a new Google Chrome Book that I get to keep along with a free scholarship to attend the Google Conference. Good, better, best day ever!

D :)


  1. Wow! Congratulations and have a great time at the conference!

  2. Congratulations that sounds very exciting!