Summer Book Study Blog

Summer Book Study Blog

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 19 SOL - Thursday Night Date Night - Top 10!

Thursday is our weekly date night for several reasons:

10. We are both too tired to cook or even care about cooking by Thursday each week.

9. Weekend nights are not our thing as I am home. I am home. I am home. Home is where I want to be.

8. We have a favorite Mexican restaurant that is so close that we could even walk if we had to. Convenience is important to making a habit that will continue.

7. It's just right in terms of being crowded. No wait, but the place has good energy for people enjoying FFF: food, family, friends.

6. The tables are big and there is room to do a quick grading of papers if I am desperate to get something completed for the next day, and I don't have to grade when we get home. I know that doesn't sound very "date-like" but I can still talk and share. My husband is good about listening to students' writing, etc. 

5. There are TVs mounted on the wall and we can request a ballgame. Important this time of year and if I am grading, husband can watch game, too. 

4. We often run into good friends there as it is home locale.

3. The food is good. They will cook certain dishes to our request. No seasoning or changing up the combinations of meats on the fajitas. 

2. The owners bought a gas grill from us and we have a tab. So fun to say, "Just put it on our tab," when we leave. 

And the numero uno reason is...
1. It's also $1.99 margarita night! Need I say more...

Happy Thursday!


  1. Thursday night date night sounds like a tradition I would enjoy. I love Mexican, I love margaritas (especially the $1.99 variety, and I love a good home locale. Enjoy!

  2. Love margaritas! Sounds like a great place. Enjoy!

  3. I really enjoyed this slice! Makes me want to have a date night!