Summer Book Study Blog

Summer Book Study Blog

Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 2 Slice of Life - Positivity

I hate to even go there, but today is ISTEP eve. Tomorrow we start the much controversial ISTEP test of the media and the public. We have gone from a 12 hr. test (Yes, I said 12 hr.!) to a much shorter version due to the outcry of a media storm with public screams (parents and teachers). The state DOE responded with a kinder, gentler test by not requiring all tests to be given. Teachers, parents, and students "do not go softly into this good night." BUT, we know that WE CAN OWN THIS TEST! On our Friday school pep session we celebrated! We have an annual video created by our techie teacher that has all of us singing, dancing, rapping, making fools of ourselves for the kids AND all the kids sing and dance, too. It's all about attitude. I stand strong on positivity in all things. Might as well, as we have to do it anyway. Good luck to all if you are in high stakes testing this week or very soon.   

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