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Summer Book Study Blog

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day 25 SOL - The Sensory Experiences of Flight

As I sit with my laptop blogging and commenting, there is buzzing activity all around me. It's a hubbub of Spring Break Frenzy! Most of the flights around me are families off to Florida. I'm waiting to wing my way to the west coast. (Alliteration...waiting, wing, way, west!)

I see:
  •  Brand new books that people are reading while standing in line. Vacation reads!
  • Toes sporting new pedicures, all shiny, colorful, and unchipped.
  • Carry-ons of all sizes, colors, and various stages of new to well-worn and traveled.
  • Technology devices in hands young and old. 
  • A little white, fluffy dog being walked by its aging lady master. 
  • Folks arriving from an obvious sunny destination as everyone is tan.
  • Cloudy skies that will require skilled pilots flying by instruments.
  • Cloudy/foggy conditions at our landing in Kansas. 
  • Tired people traveling after a long day of work or just trying to get home from vacation. 
  • The ceiling at the Kansas airport looks like those brown cardboard egg cartons. The texture and color is the same.
  • Finally, the lights of Portland.
  • Loving faces of family. 
I'm here!

I hear:
  • Phone conversations to loved ones and business related.
  • Laughter with family members as they talk excitedly about their trip. 
  • Announcers telling guests to check their lines as there are 5 flights boarding and leaving at the same time. 
  • The chime of a message on my own phone. Yea! Family.
  • Baby crying on the plane. Poor little punkin. I bet her ears hurt. 
  • Pilot announcing choppy weather coming. Was it ever! The stewardess sat on my chair arm a long time while waiting for safe walking conditions while collecting trash. 
  • Sweet conversation between two high school girls returning from spring break at Grandma's in Florida. Loved talking with them about future plans.
  • Basketball games on the TVs at the gates.
  • Cartoons on TVs at the gates.
  • Another baby crying on the connecting flight.
  • The pilot saying we are at 38,000 feet to avoid the storms.
  • The landing wheels going down.
I'm here!

I taste:
  • A yummy honeycrisp apple sliced and packed at home. My favorite!
  • A soggy turkey sandwich, also made and packed at home. Not my favorite.
  • Almonds and walnuts from home. Did you know that a handful of walnuts per day is supposed to lower cholesterol? We'll see.
  • Peanut m&m's from my student teacher. She made a card that said, "For your "Marvelous and Memorable (M&M) vacation." My favorite treat and nemesis. ;)
  • Red wine in a plastic cup from a free drink voucher from Southwest. Think I"ll stick with water from this time forward. The only real red I got was my face from a hot flash. 
  • Honey roasted peanuts. Two bags. :)
  • Fresh sushi upon arriving in Portland. 
I'm here!
I smell:
  • A funky fuel smell at take-off. Scary smell that didn't last long, thank goodness!
  • Restroom fragrances trying to cover REAL restroom smells. Not a good combination.
  • Popcorn.  Should have bought some of that as my seatmates did, and it required great resolve to not drool or give the "Puss in Boots" pleading look from Shrek. 
  • Pizza.
  • Starbucks. Yes!
  • Leo's  (my granddog) breath when he licks me hello.
I'm here!

Happy Spring Break Day 1!
D :)


  1. Oh I love this idea of writing about your five senses and what you are experiencing! Very cool!

    1. Thanks, Erin! Did you and Blake get to sleep last night? Hope he's much better today. D :)

  2. I love the 'Puss in Boots' from Shrek reference. Too cute!