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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Learn Like a PIRATE: Peer Collaboration - Chpt. 3

Have to admit I was more than a little excited to read the title of Chpt. 3 - Peer Collaboration! LOVE seeing students interacting and learning from and with each other. Makes my heart smile and sing (maybe a sea chantey)!

"Two brains are smarter than one!...Collaboration allows us to know more than we are capable of knowing by ourselves." I love the way Paul starts this chapter and leads into "WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER." I plan to make this a banner across the top of my whiteboard, "We're not just a class; we're a crew! We're in this together! We are a company of workers and a family." 

"Give me five!" is something I say often in my classroom to get attention. I can't imagine a student saying this, and yet, I can't imagine one of them hasn't. This is definitely something that I want to hear and am excited to read on to see how Paul sets this up to work with students stopping and listening to the "give me five" person. "The power to interrupt the class is one of the most important aspects of a student-led classroom." Model, encourage, give feedback. The examples he gives are happening in my classroom (except moving desks around in 1 minute 8 seconds (Impressive!), just not encouraged. I can do this. They will catch on! 

"Students lead when they believe the teacher would appreciate their help, not when the teacher is completely in charge." This reminds me of "Be the guide on the side not the sage on the stage." I have to smile as I think about the times of the day when they take care of me by remembering what I am forgetting. I do appreciate when they help with the running of the classroom. This past year I let them do more than I have in the past and it did free me up some extra time to work with groups or one-on-one, but now I'm thinking of all the things they could do on their own from the beginning of the day through the end. I just hope there isn't a job chart. I am horrible with those. If so, I'll pass it on to the students to do. :)

Today I was at a district retreat dealing with school culture. There were several questions that we discussed about empowering students to have ownership of their learning, creating students that are problem-solvers and thinkers, and students with 21st Century skills. My mind kept coming back to LLAP! It was all I could do to keep from saying "AARRRG!" I am also in an online study group for School Culture Rewired, our anchor text for the retreat, also speaks to much of LLAP with its student-led classroom. The whole afternoon was peer collaboration among the adults. I think I did a "give me 5" at one point. What we did, I've seen my students do. Collaborate, then share out. Easy, Peasy! 

Enjoying this book so much! 

Ahoy, matey! Sail on!
D :)

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