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Friday, July 10, 2015

Learn Like a Pirate Chapter 6: Active Learning

"We know students learn best by doing. Fortunately, the best learning method is also incredibly fun -- for students and teachers!" Paul begins chapter 6 by stating the facts about "learning by doing."

This chapter on active learning was a great reminder for what I have dabbled with in the past. I've tried almost all of these including a debate of 2 teams of "lawyers" with REAL parent lawyers serving as judges. So exciting! Parent volunteers can really be an asset!

About the science section, we have a guest dentist (personal friend) that comes to our classroom to dissect a rat under a document camera that projects LARGE to the screen. He brings rubber gloves for the students to hold and touch body parts. Writing a real lab report on the body systems of a rat were "fun" after being involved actively. Students took pictures and tweeted. The lab reports were incredible and as we shared these google docs with the "rat dentist," he encouraged students into the medical fields. This gave us a public audience. Parents were also elated with this strong academic experience. It is a highlight of the year in my classroom. Ask your personal care providers. You never know what skills they have that might be an active learning opportunity that supports our science and health standards.

I also have used collaborative online tools for team discussions on a driving question that involves research and some argumentative passion. In the past, I used "gotomeeting" but now it is only free for a 30 day trial. There are lots of options for this including google drive and hangouts. This Kathy Schrock site gives lots of educator options.

Paul nails it when he says, "Technology helps turn ordinary learning into extraordinary fun. And the whole time children are working with these technology tools, they are collaborating and helping each other problem-solve. Those results seem worthwhile to me!" Seems worthwhile to me, too! D :)

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