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Summer Book Study Blog

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Learn Like a Pirate Chapter 5: Responsibility

This summer I am participating in 4 online book studies and learning so much from the texts and other teachers. The interesting thing is that all 4 books are adding to each other in my own thinking and learning. Besides Learn Like a Pirate, I am reading and sharing Teaching with the brain in mind by Eric Jensen, 2nd Edition, School Culture Rewired-How to Define, Assess, and Transform It by Steve Gruenert & Todd Whitaker, and What Connected Educators Do Differently by Todd Whitaker, Jeffrey Zoul, and Jimmy Casas. I am making many text-to-text connections. :)

Chapter 5: Responsibility
This is a professional life-changing chapter! I can see that I try to keep control to the expense of my own organization and keeping my students from stepping-up into life-changing aspects of building personal responsibility. I plan to re-read this chapter and make "cheat sheets" on how I can release responsibility to my students to free-up myself. I spend way too much time at school doing things my students could have done. 

Silent-Day was intriguing. I found the website links (I'm reading the e-book version) to be so helpful. Hearing students explain "REARMJCL" gave clarity to how this looks. I will use this video to share with my students.

I can't say enough about "sharing the load" and creating responsible, collaborative, and supportive students. I will probably be in and out of this blog entry as I absorb and reflect more on all this chapter had to offer.

I am moving tomorrow so off to packing, but I'm sure this chapter will resonate in my brain. Wish I had a student-led classroom to help me with all this work!
D :)

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