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Summer Book Study Blog

Friday, July 17, 2015

Learn Like a Pirate Chapter 7: Twenty-First Century Skills

Chapter 7 was a treasure-trove of important life-skills, goal setting, and ideas for moving students forward in 21st Century Skills to be prepared for their futures as students and responsible, well-equipped adults for a successful life. I had lots of pauses and thoughts as Paul broke the skills out and was validated on ones that I currently employ and reminded of those that I don't.

I was especially interested and focused on the sections on goal-setting. I've been doing weekly goal setting around smaller goals and more intense goal setting after each of our three NWEA testing results. I plan to bring in the 21st Century Skills this year. My parents have been involved in the past, but I think that letting them know about the 21st Century Skills it will bring a bigger impact into all our lives. Preparing for the future shouldn't be left to chance. Parents don't always know how to help their child and appreciate being informed.

Reflection was another chapter focus for me. I have highlighted the steps that Paul uses with his students. "Reflection doesn't only happen in writing at the end of a learning process. In our class, students learn to be metacognitive in their thinking. ...they develop an awareness of their progress at all times...ask them to answer questions about what they're thinking, assess their progress, identify potential struggles, and make plans..."

Planning the year in advance is also something that I NEED to do. This year I am only teaching Lang. Arts to two different sections of 4th graders. I also have a section of high ability LA students. Seeing how specific Paul was with the 21st Century Skills and the curriculum components gave me a sample for how this could look for me. The 4th graders teachers work as a strong, united team, and I will share this with them.

Another great chapter for me to do some creative and critical thinking, collaboration and communication with my peers and my students, and to keep the 21st Century Skills on the front burner as I plan. D :)

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