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Summer Book Study Blog

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Learn Like a Pirate Chapter 8: Empowerment

Another "empowering" chapter on a student-led classroom.
This chapter could be summed up with the following five words from a chapter subtitle:
Empowerment = Enjoyment = Motivation = Effort = Achievement

Favorite highlights of chapter 8:

  • Passion Projects and their planning
  • Essential Question - PHAT Questions (Pretty Hard and Tough)
  • New technology uses for planning...Trello Board
  • Presenting options of making sure everyone gets feedback - important section to ensure that students present and receive feedback without spending days and days on presentations.
  • Student "Ted Talks" written, practiced, videoed, and presented on YouTube
  • Students must feel safe - explaining good days and bad days and that they are always loved.

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